Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Truth about Taking Out Your Own Tooth

This could be the "stupidest" thing I have ever done in my life but it seemed like a good idea at the time...a couple of months before getting married on New Year's Eve, my upper left wisdom tooth had flared up on me once again...and on a random Friday in November, I was determined to remove it out of my first my goal was to not let it ruin my big day and/or honeymoon...but I also thought to myself, an opportunity to experience an extraction firsthand and receive immediate feedback of pressure and/or pain could be monumental in understanding this procedure from my patients', I couldn't numb myself up on my own and I thank my wonderful hygienist for providing that service...I guess there is something about sticking yourself with a needle that seems so off-putting...from there, the experience was incredible in terms of understanding how much force I was generating with my instruments and what that felt like in the mouth...I can honestly say that I have a greater appreciation for the pressure we generate and I feel like I was able to accurately gauge the breaking point where the pressure started to feel uncomfortable...the tooth came out no problem but the curvature of the roots/root tips could have been a total nightmare if they fractured off in the process...hence the stupidity of doing it myself...all in all, it was an "interesting experiment" and perhaps I practice a little differently these days knowing that pressure may not be pain but it can still be uncomfortable to's all about finding the sweet spot where the tooth starts to move and wiggle while still being bearable to the patient...I guess now I can say I "truly" understand :)

You can see it here firsthand if you dare:

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